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Robert Sadaty, M.D.
9400 Fountain Medical Court, Suite 100
Bonita Springs, FL  34135

Phone: (239) 494-6244

Fax: (239) 244-8661

For our potential new patients please read the letter below by Dr. Sadaty:

Dear Patient,

Thank you for inquiring about my practice.  I am flattered that you have taken the time to review my credentials and to consider me as your physician.  In order to make sure that my practice style suits your needs, I would like to review a list of office protocols that I like to follow.  When followed properly, the office protocols that I have in place have allowed my patients and me to make the most out of each office visit.  Thank you and good luck!


Robert Sadaty MD

Office Protocols

1.  Appointment Duration – I try my hardest to make sure that appointments consistently start on time.   To succeed with that, all appointments also need to end on time.  Therefore, patients are asked to be aware of time limits.  When the appointment time is over, the visit needs to come to a close.  Any outstanding issues can be addressed at the next appointment.

2.   Prescription Renewals –  requests for medication renewals are best done during the office visit.  It is during a face to face interaction when questions about whether a drug needs to be continued, dose change, etc.  Sometimes, renewal dates don’t fall near the time of the visit.  Under these circumstances, patients are asked to call their pharmacies and to ask them to fax a renewal form to our office.  

3.  Phone Calls – I  prefer to make decisions with my patients almost exclusively in the context of an office visit.  It is only with the dedicated time of an office visit that I can adequately address my patients concerns in a thorough and proper manner.  I discourage patients from calling the office and asking to speak with me over the phone.

4.  Antibiotics – in general, the medical community overprescribes antibiotics.  In order to avoid making that mistake, I prescribe antibiotics only after a face to face examination in the office.  In addition, patients who have the common cold, the flu, or another type of viral illness do not get antibiotics prescribed in keeping with proper medical practice.

5.  Prior Authorizations – when medications require prior authorization from insurance companies, patients are asked to do their part in assisting us with all aspects of the prior authorization process.  Some tasks usually include finding out which alternative medications are covered, filling out the major portions of the required paperwork, and providing us with a history of medications that have been tried in the past.

6.  Miscellaneous Paperwork – paperwork that does not necessarily involve an office visit may still require my time and effort.  Such paperwork may include letters for handicap placards, letters and paperwork for missed flights, jury duty, etc.  A flat fee of $25.00 will be charged if done outside of an office visit.  Additional fees may also apply depending upon the length of time needed.





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