1.  Would Dr. Sadaty take care of me if I am hospitalized?

Yes. Dr. Sadaty makes rounds at North Collier Hospital (NCH North Campus).  Dr. Sadaty does not see patients in Skilled Nursing Centers, Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers or at any of the other hospitals in Naples or Fort Myers.

2.  Does Dr. Sadaty accept insurance?

Dr. Sadaty accepts most major insurances as well as Medicare.  However, patient’s are charged directly for services not covered by Medicare and standard insurance plans.  The first visit is billed as the initial consultation, not as a “Physical”.  Patients are asked to review this with their insurance companies in advance of their first visit.  The codes for first visits are, most cases, either 99203, 99204, or 99205, depending upon the degree of complexity involved.

3. Does Dr. Sadaty offer a Concierge Service?

No, Dr. Sadaty does not offer retainer fee related concierge services. Reimbursement is through Medicare and/or private insurances as in most any other standard internal medicine practice.

4.  Does Dr. Sadaty use email?

No.   Our preferred method of reviewing medical information and performing medical evaluations is within the context of an office visit and not by electronic messaging.

However, we now offer a secure communications method termed the Secure Patient Portal.  Brief messages such as medication renewal requests, appointment changes, etc. can be made in a secure method.  Please call the office for details.


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